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Nike Grip Socks: why should I be wearing them?

If you haven't yet heard about Nike Grip socks then you could be missing out on something that can help take your game to the next level. "How on Earth does a sock do that" we hear you ask. Well pull up a chair & read on & we'll soon have you up to speed...Shop [...]

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Preview: the Football Nation Qualifying Cup Final...

It's hard to believe it's already time for another East of Scotland Qualifying Cup final match. It seems like just yesterday we began our sponsorship of the competition, but this will in fact be our 3rd time as an official partner of one of the oldest cup competitions in Scotland!    This year's final will see [...]

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A Lasting Legacy: the Blue Brazil

We all know how important family is when it comes to choosing your football side. Those of you who grew up in a Liverpool-supporting house are unlikely to turn around & support Manchester United (unless you're intentionally trying to upset your poor parents). But does the love-affair carry on through the lineage even when placed [...]

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5 times outfield players had to play goalkeeper...

What is it about outfield players having to go in goals that we love so much? Is it so we can laugh at their poor positioning & handling while between the sticks, or do we deep down hope they'll have an absolute blinder. Ultimately, it probably stems from the fact that (almost) everyone loves an underdog, [...]

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8 of the best "football" songs of all time...

While watching a football montage video on Youtube recently (that just so happened to have an excellent soundtrack) we got to thinking about the best songs that tie in to the beautiful game. After much debate, we settled on a top 8 & here it is... (for the record, we're not including any songs specifically written [...]

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The romance of the cup: Spartans v Kelty Hearts

On a misty Scottish summer evening with more than a touch of damp in the air, a first round tie for one of the country's oldest cup competitions was about to kick off. The Qualifying Cup (sponsored by Football Nation) was won last season by Edinburgh's very own Spartans FC, and their challenge tonight was [...]

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The Truck is coming back...

If you're a fan of Italian style when it comes to choosing your team's new match kit, we've got a treat in store for you. Errea, one of the leading brands in teamwear, are bringing their spectacular mobile showroom to FN Teamwear in Edinburgh.Best of all, everybody that visits the Errea truck on the 26th [...]

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Nike Teamwear has arrived...

That's right, you read it correctly - Nike Teamwear is here!At FN Teamwear we've been forging a reputation as the UK's best team kit supplier for years. Now one of the most important things when looking for a new team kit is choice, which is exactly what we provide.With the addition of Nike, there are [...]

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Women's adidas football teamwear is here...

Women's football has been skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, with more & more female players getting involved in the beautiful game. adidas have been heavily involved in providing women's football with the equipment needed to play at the highest level. They championed their range of football boots specifically for women & designed a designated ball [...]

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What are Bownet goals: everything you need to know...

If you follow any of our social media channels, chances are you'll have noticed us talking about Bownet goals lately. These portable goals that have taken the USA by storm are available for a fraction of the price of steel goals and promise superb stability and reliability.How do they work?Designed to set up and play [...]

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