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The 5 Greatest Moustaches in Football History...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

It's Movember time again everyone, that time of year when men everywhere stop being paranoid about their facial hair making them look like the biker from The Village People - and indulge themselves in a Tom Selleck style wondertache!

To celebrate this annual comeback of top-lip furriness we thought we'd give you a run down of the greatest moustaches to ever grace the world of football.

5. Ruud Gullit

After battling Arnold Schwarzenegger in the South American jungle, Gullit spent time at AC Milan.

Just look at that tache - it's glorious! Ruud Gullit (seen here in his days at AC Milan) not only sported one of the bushiest moustaches in football history, he combined it with the biggest set of dreadlocks anyone had seen since the first Predator movie.

4. Ian Rush

Ian Rush with the Coca Cola Cup and some "energy juice". Credit

Ian Rush was a legend at Anfield, scoring an absolute tonne of goals throughout a successful career. He also did so while sporting some upper lip facial hair that was "right out of the top drawer quality-wise." Sadly the striker has long-since shaved the tache and as a result we never recognise him now when he's on the telly.

3. Rudi Voller

Frank Rijkaard never cared for Voller's hair - Youtube it kids.

Rudi Voller is probably more famous for his extravagant perm than his facial hair, but you can't leave out a player that rocked a tache for his entire playing career - especially when you consider he still has a moustache to this very day. The German was a world class player and won the world cup with West Germany against Argentina in 1990.

And just in case you haven't Youtubed it yet...

2. Thierry Henry

World class football player, or Roger from 90s Nickelodeon show Sister Sister?

It's good to know that all-round ladies' man & generally handsome footballer Thierry Henry once looked like em... this. Fair enough Mr Henry didn't sport this magnificent tache throughout his career, but there's no denying it's a spectacular effort. When's the last time you saw a footballer sport neck beads in his official photo by the way?

1. Carlos Valderrama

Couldn't have been anyone else really could it?

Having a top moustache list and not having the Colombian legend win would be as stupid as inviting Mario Balotelli to your bonfire night celebrations. Valderrama is probably the most instantly recognisable player in the history of football, sporting a perm bigger than the sun and a spectacular tache to go with it.

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