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Why you should choose Errea teamwear...

If you're looking for a new team kit that has a healthy dose of Italian style & flair, then Errea are the brand for you. Who are Errea?Errea are a sportswear company from Parma in Italy that were founded in 1988 - giving them 27 years of teamwear experience. They supply kits and training gear for many [...]

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Why you should choose Umbro teamwear...

Umbro are an iconic brand name within British football, having been England's official kit supplier until very recently and of course supplying both sides of the Old Firm during the 2000s. Who are Umbro? Umbro are an English sports company that were formed in Cheshire in 1924 by the Humphreys brothers. The company is primarily known for [...]

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Why you should choose mitre teamwear...

If you didn't already know, mitre are in fact the oldest sports brand in the world, having been founded 198 years ago in 1817. As far as we're aware, they're also the only brand other than adidas that insist on having no capital letters in their name. More commonly known for their footballs, mitre also have [...]

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Why you should choose Uhlsport Teamwear...

Uhlsport bring a vast quantity of German technical know-how to the table when it comes to teamwear. Increasingly popular year after year, Uhlsport are firmly establishing themselves as a major worldwide sports company.Who are Uhlsport?Uhlsport were founded over 60 years ago in 1948 with the aim of creating leather studs and later on soleplates for [...]

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Why you should choose Joma teamwear...

In our teamwear branch of Football Nation (which we cleverly named Football Nation Teamwear) we deal with six fantastic brands when it comes to delivering your match kit. In this post we're going to tell you a bit about Joma and why they can be a great choice for you and your club.Who are Joma?Joma [...]

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Teaming up with local football...

Football Nation are delighted to announce that we are now the official sponsors of the Lothian & Edinburgh Amateur Football Association (LEAFA). Founded in 1998, LEAFA are the largest amateur football association in Scotland and have a staggering 120+ clubs among their membership - and that figure is steadily growing.The ethos behind LEAFA is one that [...]

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Launching the Albion Rovers home shirt...

Earlier this week Football Nation ventured out west in order to launch the stunning new Albion Rovers home shirt at their Cliftonhill stadium. We had recently agreed a deal to supply the Wee Rovers with a bold, modern adidas kit.But what was doubly exciting, was that Albion Rovers were also unveiling their new assistant manager [...]

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A foolproof guide to boot ground types and which soles to go for...

There's not many things we love more at Football Nation than football boots - and we know you all love them too (seriously, why else would you be on this page?)However, what's not blatantly obvious to everyone is just what all these different stud combinations actually mean and what surfaces they ideally should be used [...]

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The truck is coming...

Those of you following Football Nation on Twitter or Facebook will likely have noticed us using the hashtag #thetruckiscoming in recent weeks - want to know what that was all about?It's pretty literal to be honest, we're teaming up with our Italian pals at Errea to bring you the opportunity to visit their massive showroom [...]

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Match Ball Changes: What are FIFA Quality Pro & FIFA Quality balls?

You may or may not have heard that FIFA have changed their official stamp of approval when it comes to how they grade their match balls. Originally, the 2 stamps awarded were FIFA Approved & FIFA Inspected. FIFA Approved was reserved for the very highest quality match balls & Inspected was for balls that met [...]

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