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How to get that elusive match day energy...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

We've all been there haven't we? You put all the work in during training sessions, you've been on long runs to boost your fitness, then for some reason you turn up on match day feeling sluggish & off the pace.

There are plenty of suggestions out there as to how to turn up on match days raring to go. Have a banana 30 minutes before kick off, drink lots of water, eat Jaffa Cakes 5 minutes before you go on etc etc.

All of those ideas actually do work a little in their own right, but if you're looking for a consistently proven way of being high energy on match days, you need look no further than the Soccer Supplement range right here at Football Nation. 

Miguel Layun of Villarreal & Mexico fueling up during training


There are plenty of protein shakes & energy gels out there already, but Soccer Supplement is the first range specifically designed solely for the needs of the football player.

The list of professional teams using the Soccer Supplement range is extensive, but to name a few: Watford, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Coventry City, Livingston, Stoke City & St Mirren.

If you want to make big improvements to your energy levels on match days, read on...

The products & what they do

Fuel 90 is the complete footballer energy gel. It has been developed to provide an effective & fast-releasing source of energy & electrolytes to help you perform out on the pitch.

By taking 1 sachet around 30 minutes before your match, you'll be walking out onto the pitch with a bounce in your step & with all the carbs, electrolytes & hydration your body needs to get to half time. Then at half time, simply take another to get you to the end of the game.



Focus 90 is another gel, only this one is designed to increase alertness, endurance & reduces fatigue. 

It combines caffeine, citrulline malate & beta alanine to achieve this. 

These ingredients when combined have been proven to improve the physical & technical elements of match play ie: repeated sprints, jumping power, reaction times & passing accuracy.

As an added bonus, the citrulline malate in this gel also helps to prevent muscle soreness & cramping.



As the name suggests, Creapure is a 99.99% pure source of premium quality creatine. Studies have shown a player's sprint speed can increase by up to 3% with creatine supplementation. 

Not so much a pre-match boost, Creapure should be used consistently (as per the instructions) to build up & then maintain your explosive muscle power. 

Creatine is one of the most commonly used supplements by professional footballers & Creapure is arguably the purest on the market.



Recover 90 is the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates & electrolytyes to help your body rebuild & recover after a tough 90 minutes.

By mixing it with 200-300ml of water within 45 minutes of your match finishing, you rehydrate your body, replenish your lost carbohydrates (which can drop to as little as 10% after 90 minutes of football) & repair damaged muscle tissue.



Football Nation are the only stockists of the Soccer Supplement range in Edinburgh & you can find them in our store on Lothian Road, as well as online.


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