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Football Boots: Are the Nike Premier 2.0s the best value boots ever?

Posted by Christopher Smith on

Very recently at Football Nation we received a delivery from our friends at Nike. Nothing unusual about that, our store gets boxes of deliveries from Nike all the time. 

However, upon opening the box, we were presented with the new Nike Premier 2.0s in a stunning black/blue colour scheme - they're without a doubt one of the best looking pairs of boots we've ever laid eyes on.

The Premier 2.0s in all of their glory

Now if your heart isn't racing after looking at that photo above, we strongly suggest you ask someone to check your pulse. That blackout Nike Swoosh, the foldover classic Tiempo-style tongue & royal blue trim are getting us all kinds of excited.

While always an outstanding boot, the original Premier was certainly marketed more at your footballing traditionalists. The fact that everyone at Football Nation, regardless of their age, is gushing over this Premier 2.0 speaks volumes for just how right Nike have got things here.

Ultimately, they have a look that absolutely oozes class. Black enough to keep the purists happy, but with a perfect amount of colour added to turn heads when you're out on the pitch.

"Ok I agree they look amazing, but why are the Premier 2.0s the best value football boot?"

The Premier 2.0s are far lighter than you would expect them to be, as well as offering an unbelievably comfortable fit straight out of the box. 

However, by far the best thing about these boots is an upper that is comprised solely of k-leather. If you didn't know already, k-leather is the lightest, stretchiest & strongest leather any boot can be made from.

The quality of the upper means a boot that will only become more comfortable the more times you wear them, as k-leather will naturally mould to the shape of your foot over time. 

On top of this, if you've never felt the benefits of controlling a ball during a wet weather game while wearing k-leather boots then you're in for a treat! No outrageous fins or grooves are necessary for a perfect touch here, just a naturally grippy material doing its thing!

On top of all this, they're well-suited to any position on the pitch... 

Do they offer enough protection for goalkeepers & defenders? Absolutely!

Do they offer a superb touch in all weather conditions so that central midfielders can get the ball down & play? Certainly!

Are they light enough for tricky wingers to beat a man with their pace? Of course they are!

Do they pack a punch when shooting to help strikers up their goal tally? As you've probably already guessed, the answer here is yes!


"That all sounds impressive, but I bet the Premier 2.0s are really expensive."

Not at all. Almost to our disbelief, you can pick up a pair of these for only £87.99! At this point we'd like to make it absolutely clear that the Premier 2.0s are a professional standard boot. 

Even David Luiz of Chelsea has been wearing them for club & country in recent months.

Fancy getting yourself a pair then? Click here to shop for the Premier 2.0s online at Football Nation

If you still need a little convincing, stop by our Edinburgh store to try a pair on - you won't regret it!

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