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Talking Sports Science with St. Mirren & Soccer Supplement

Posted by Christopher Smith on

If you didn't know already, here at Football Nation we have an excellent range of the Soccer Supplement collection available. If you don't know why you should be excited about this, have a quick read of how to get that elusive match day energy.

You might already know the benefits of match day nutrition, but did you know that up here in Scotland Soccer Supplement are the official nutrition partner of Premier League club St. Mirren?

Recently, the guys at Soccer Supplement spoke to Junior Mendes, St. Mirren's lead sports scientist. This role involves him being the club's nutritionist & data analyst, keeping him incredibly busy on a day-to-day basis.

Here's how the conversation between Soccer Supplement & Junior Mendes went...

SS: How important is high quality day-to-day nutrition at the club?

JM: Really, really important. That's what fuels the players' actions. If they're not eating right or taking the correct supplements, they can have energy crashes & a lowered mood. 

We try to guide the players with healthier, higher quality choices that provide them with the sufficient amount of energy required.


SS: Which Soccer Supplement products are used at the club?

JM: We use the WHEY90, HYDRATE90 & the FUEL90 & FOCUS90 energy gels. We use all of these for both match days & training. 


SS: How important is it for the supplements to be Informed Sport Test?

JM: Really very important! We can't have anyone at the club failing any tests. It gives me peace of mind when recommending & handing out these products to the players. 

Knowing they are Informed Sport tested means I can sleep well at night!


SS: As well as a physical advantage, how does Soccer Supplement's professional set-up give a mental advantage on top of this?

JM: That's your suit of armour. You go into battle with that on. You may not need it, but it's good to have it there. 

When the players take their supplements & you tell them why they're taking it; psychologically, it gives them an extra % to their game.


SS: Do you have a personal favourite Soccer Supplement product & why?

JM: Mine is the WHEY90. The reason why is because it's a nice way of topping up your daily protein intake. 

It's good to know that when the players are taking WHEY90 they are hitting the required amount of protein intake to maintain or increase their muscle mass & aid their recovery.

SS: Finally, what are your hopes for the rest of the season?

JM: We want to climb up the league & see all the team's hard work come to fruition. 

In terms of the sport science side of things, minimise injuries & keep the players fit & healthy. All of that would be a major win for us.


Thanks to Soccer Supplement for providing us with this interview. 

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