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Who are Errea (and why your team should wear them)

Posted by Christopher Smith on

To get straight to the point, Errea are an Italian sports brand from Parma that were founded in 1988. That gives them 28 years of experience when it comes to providing match kit, tracksuits and other football equipment. 

Errea has a fast-growing reputation in the UK and cater to numerous sports, including football, basketball, rugby, hockey and even more. 

They have kit supplied pro football clubs such as Parma, Modena and Numancia. Closer to home they have also kitted out the likes of Norwich City, Kilmarnock, Brighton and Grimbsy Town.

Those of you with slightly longer memories will also remember the Middlesbrough side of the 1990s which featured the likes of Juninho, Emerson and the 'White Feather' Fabrizio Ravanelli. That Middlesbrough side was actually the first UK club Errea ever kit supplied.

Ravanelli celebrates scoring a goal in Middlesbrough's Errea kit in the late '90s.

Errea are one of the most popular choices for our customers at FN Teamwear, largely thanks to their excellent range, great style, superb quality and stock availability.

If you would like to kit your club out Italian style, browse our Errea teamwear range online via the image below. You can also request a quote by emailing or calling us on 0131 661 6603.

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