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What are Bownet goals: everything you need to know...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

If you follow any of our social media channels, chances are you'll have noticed us talking about Bownet goals lately. These portable goals that have taken the USA by storm are available for a fraction of the price of steel goals and promise superb stability and reliability.

How do they work?

Designed to set up and play with ease, Bownet portable goals have a rigid frame that clicks into place during the short preparation process. 

After this, a series of flexible metal poles keep the net tightly wound and springy, while the tension increases the stability. 

Thanks to the quality of the net tension, Bownet's portable football goals can also be used as rebounders.

How long do they take to set up?

The smallest set (5x3) take a mere 60 seconds to set up (we've tried this ourselves and it really is that quick). The larger goals require 2 people to correctly assemble, however they still only take around 2 minutes.

Check out this video below to see just how easy these are to prepare. 

How much do they cost?

Compared to the more standard steel or aluminium portable goals, Bownet goals are a fraction of the cost. The popular 5x3 goal is available for the remarkable price of £84.99.

Depending on your size requirements, you can spend up to £280 at Football Nation on a Bownet goal. That money would get you the large 16x7 goal. 

How do I order mine?

It's as easy as you like. Simply visit our online goal posts section and choose the size you're looking for. Pay for it online in a flash and we'll sort out delivery to you.

Click here to buy your Bownet goals online now

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