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The Magista has changed...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

The Nike Magistas have been the football boots of choice for creative midfielders for years now. Even Barcelona superstar Andres Iniesta swears by them. However, to be the very best you can't rest on your laurels, so Nike have given the incredibly popular Magista its first next-gen makeover.

The most noticeable difference when you first get a look at the Nike Magista II is the presence of all those small bumps on the upper. These raised 3D areas cover the medial and lateral portions of the Magista's upper and are designed to deliver instant and precise control. 

These bumps vary in size and are placed in key areas that are critical when it comes to bringing a ball under control in the blink of an eye - a must for any central midfielder.

The material used to craft the Magista II boots is known as Kanga-Lite. This is a premium synthetic designed by Nike to specifically mimic the benefits of k-leather while retaining the lightweight feel that the artificial material can bring.

The Magista Opus II soleplate is especially designed for rotating and pivoting in a flash in order to work that half-yard of space to play a killer pass. Nike actually used computers to analyse a series of grass pitches and then come up with a stud design that would deliver the best rotational grip.

This has resulted in numerous new bladed studs being added to the soleplate, along with angled semi-conical ones in key areas. 

The stunning graphic for the new Nike Magista Opus II boots is inspired by the modern heatmaps that show the areas of the pitch a player has covered over the course of a match. The striking design rests on top of a high-visibility upper which consists of volt, orange, pink and turquoise.

What do you think of the new Magista Opus II boots? Let us know in the comments below.

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