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Nike CR7 Collection: Chapter 4 is here...

Posted by Christopher Smith on

The story behind chapter 4

The unveiling of the latest Nike Mercurial boots that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo will be wearing is always big news, but the latest design is set to take the game by storm.

We're on chapter 4 of his Nike story, which celebrates a pivotal moment in Ronaldo's career. After making his name as an exciting prospect on the wings while playing for Sporting Lisbon, Ronaldo secured a move to Alex Ferguson's Manchester United.

Not long after signing, Alex Ferguson took Ronaldo to one side & told him he'd be wearing the number 7 shirt, a tall order for such a young player considering the likes of Beckham, Cantona & George Best had worn that before him. But as we all know, Ronaldo was no ordinary player & he went on to take the Premier League by storm & achieved massive success with United. 

So how does that tie in to the boots?

The colours on the boots are designed to represent an iron forge. This is said to pay tribute to Ronaldo's incredible grit, determination & hard work to achieve his goals of playing for a major European club. Nike are also evidently firm believers in fate, as the motto "forged for greatness" has supported their advertising campaign for the chapter 4 CR7 boots.

On the spine of the heel of the CR7 football boots is printed Ronaldo's old squad number, 28, in Roman numerals. 

What makes the Ronaldo Mercurials so good?

Aside from the fact the design looks incredible, the CR7 version of the Mercurial Superfly boots come with identical technology to their non Ronaldo counterpart.

This means a Flyknit upper (nice) with textured speed ribs covering the midfoot & forefoot. Flywire cables inside the material locks your foot in place, while the compression-fit ankle collar seamlessly connects the boot to the rest of your leg.

All of these things add up to make the CR7 Mercurials a deadly weapon at the feet of any fast-paced attacking player.

I just play football with my friends, so I don't need £265 pro-level boots

Not everyone can justify spending big money on their new football boots, we know that. That's why the Nike CR7 Mercurials are available in a variety of versions to suit everyone from the professional to the casual weeknight 5-a-side player. 

Check out our handy guide below...

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